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Check out the following answers to your questions! They are all related with key and lock problems. Learn more about master key systems, what to do when you are locked out and how to check the condition of locks.

Are you confused about various security matters? These answers to FAQ related to locks will help you

What does a “lock-out” mean?

This is a common term you hear when we talk about keys and locks.  A lockout usually happens in your house, business establishment, and car doors.  You then realize you forgot to bring with you the keys or left them inside.  Locksmith services such as “Locksmith Reseda” are especially skilled in handling these types of situations.  You do not need to crack open the windows of your automobile.

What is a master key?

Take the hotel business as an example.  Cleaners will only have keys that fit the rooms and storages.  Guests will have access only to the guestrooms they are staying.  You, being the owner, will be able to access every single room with your master key.
If one guest decides to leave and take the key, the locksmith will be able to rekey the lock of that room without affecting the master key.  Our locksmith services can provide you a master key for your business establishment.

Should I check my door locks on my own?

You open and close the door locks of your house every day. If you feel that something is wrong, report it to Locksmith Reseda . If you see that the key doesn't rotate in the lock properly or the lock makes a funny noise, you must check for problems with your security door locks.

How do I change a lock millenco mechanism?

The advice from our contractors is to start with the cylinder on the UPVC door. It is better to use a smaller retaining screw instead of the larger ones. The long ones go way too deep into the lockcase blocking the parts. Contact us for more information!

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